Dental Crowns And Bridges

Implant Pre-Surgical Planning
What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns help restore teeth back to their normal size and contour. They also add durability to the top of the tooth to prevent further unwanted wear. Made of porcelain custom-coloured to blend in with your natural teeth, dental crowns are honest way to bring youth and life back to a smile.

Dental crowns are used for a variety of reasons:

– To cover and strengthen a fractured or broken tooth
– To provide additional strength following a root canal procedure
– To stand in for a stained tooth that has not responded to traditional whitening
– To cover a brittle tooth that has suffered from too much decay, going beyond what a filling will repair

What Is A Dental Bridge?

If a patient is missing one or more teeth, a dental bridge works to “bridge to space” between the existing teeth. This bridge attaches to the tooth on either side of the gap, complemented by an artificial but natural-looking tooth in the middle. Though joined together as one piece, this single-unit bridge will appear to the naked eye like individual teeth. Made of high-quality dental porcelain, each bridge is specially designed and constructed to match a patient’s existing teeth.