Gum Recontouring
Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A picture-perfect smile happens when your teeth and gumline blend together in perfect harmony, like a beautiful sunset disappearing over a clean and uninterrupted horizon. The pinkish gums surround and hug the teeth evenly, forming an elegant contrast against the teeth and highlighting their glistening white appearance.

Over time, areas along the gumline can swell or erode, detracting from a genuine smile and instead caus- ing a visual distraction. We’re here to bring your smile back to that picturesque sunset-like appearance with a simple gum contouring procedure that is quick and even virtually painless.

Utilizing the latest laser technology, we artfully sculpt your gums back to the even-framed look you desire. The results of this procedure are visible right away, and within just a few days your gums will look perfectly normal.

In some cases, more extensive recontouring may be required. Before your gum contouring appointment, your dental specialist will evaluate your gumline and consult with you on the appropriate treatment. Whatever you decide, we are dedicated to helping you discover your perfect LIVBRITE smile.