Gum Grafting In Barrie. Restoring Your Gums for a Better Smile.

Are you experiencing teeth sensitivity? Or have you noticed your gums are receding away from your teeth? Gum grafting restores your gumline to its rightful place, preserving your smile and the long-term health of your teeth.

Gum grafting involves either using tissue from other areas of the mouth or harvested tissue and grafting it onto the existing gum so it looks like a natural part of your gums. Our dental specialists are highly experienced in the craft of grafting, with a history of delicately sculpting gumlines that are unrecognizable from a born-with-it natural look. We also employ the latest micro-grafting techniques, so our patients experience minimal discomfort and a fast recovery.

While recovery time and pain tolerance varies from patient to patient, we find most patients manage their post-surgery discomfort simply with over-the-counter medications. Start your journey to a re-invigorated gumline today and contact us now to arrange a pre-surgery consultation.