What to Expect

While some of our patients are referred to us through our sister clinic, Georgian Mall  Dental Group, other patients come to us by referral from other general dentists, dental specialists and health care professionals outside the dental sphere. We are also delighted to accommodate patients who would like to visit us without receiving a referral. New patients always welcome!



Patients With Referrals

If you have been referred to Georgian Mall Dental Group, please contact us during office hours to schedule an appointment personally with a care team member. Our office can then contact your dentist directly to get the information (and radiographs) necessary for your initial consultation. As standard practice, we are committed to maintaining a good and open line of communication with your dentist to ensure you receive the full 360-degree dental care you deserve.

Your first visit with:

You can start cleaning your baby’s mouth even at a young age, before getting their first teeth. Simply wipe their gums and teeth area with a clean, damp washcloth.

Many parents don’t realize that those “healthy alternative” such as fruit snacks are actually worse for their child’s oral health – because it sticks to the teeth longer than something like chocolate that is easier to wash away. A best practice is to try to minimize sugary foods. Look for healthier options such as: cheese cubes and carrots.

Plastic and rubber chew toys aren’t your only option to ease your baby’s teething pain. A cold, damp washcloth can also help numb the ache and inflammation, while a gentle massage can also help relieve the pain.

A Pediatric Dentist specializes in children’s oral health, and can help accommodate dental fears and anxiety. To help them stay calm, or when the procedure warrants, we can consult with you on solutions such as laughing gas, oral sedation and general anesthesia (dentistry asleep)

Avoid giving your child milk or juice in their bottle before nap and bedtime because the sugars will stay on their teeth; instead, make a routine out of using a washcloth to gently clean their mouth before they go “nighty night.”

1. Handle the tooth carefully and do not touch the root.

2. If the tooth is dirty, hold by the crown and rinse with milk. (or water if you don’t have milk)

3. Keep the tooth moist – drop it in a glass of milk, or have your child spit in a cup and store the tooth in their saliva. 4. If your child has calmed down, you can try slipping the tooth back into its socket (but don’t try to force it); otherwise keep it moist in the glass of milk or saliva.

5. See a specialist at Georgian Mall Dental Group as soon as possible.


When you see a dentist within 1 hour of the tooth being knocked out, you dramatically increase the chances of the tooth being saved.

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